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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Working Place

The place where you spend most of your time is your work place. Keeping your work place neat and clean is very important but more than that some more things need to be taken care. Most important one is your atmosphere. Keeping your atmosphere neat and clean give peace of mind to work but when you have colorful things around, you will be very enthusiastic to work.

You may put some charts that may be useful to your work or put a lists of contact number (not personal phone numbers but numbers like your boss’, office reception’s etc). Put some wonderful writings or thoughts that motivate individuals on the notice board. You can also draw some meaningful paintings or take printout and decorate your workplace with them.

Another main thing is interpersonal skills. The more you interact with your colleagues you will be more enthusiastic and active in your work. I can even say this one is the best magic for an active working environment. It also develops your communication skill. When you talk with more people you will learn new things from them which are important to develop your career and built yourself. I have seen one of my friend’s working area. He has kept lots of toys (mostly teddy bear) and with a small god statue.

I don’t want to comment about his religious beliefs but in my point of view l making the working place as a fancy store or temple is not good. It was also funny to see a grown up man keeping dolls like a kid in his working place. All these are my opinion only. You need not take it as granted or oppose me for this but I heartedly welcome everyone’s valuable comments friends.