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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free Traffic Exchange To Your Blog or Website

Hello Friends..
I have something to share with you. Every site/blog owners wants to get more traffic to their site. Even i was searching for the same. I found some free sites that provide free traffic to our sites. Here i will be explaining about two. Link Referral and Traffic Swarm

Traffic Swarm:
You sign up for free, then you create an ad using your website or referral link. You view other peoples ads to earn advertising credits, then you use the credits to advertise your website or referral link. Its very easy and fast to earn credits, you’ll be getting traffic overnight. It took me about 5 minutes to join login and place my ad. I earned 200 advertising credits my first day. This exchange has brought me thousands of hits.Here you are not going to pay or they will not pay you. Instead you will get credits.Use them and get more visitors per day. You can add 10 sites per account.Brings me 30-50 visitors per day.It depends on the credits you allot.

Link Referral:
Here we have to signup with different account for each website you want to advertise. Moreover we have to visit 30 sites/day, write 5 reviews, one forum post,add one site to your favourites. Then only your site will get good rank in link Referral . But this works better.Brings me 8-10 unique visitors per day.

I hope it will be useful friends. Please give your suggestions as comments