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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mallika is quite a pagli

Mallika Sherawat is back in the city from Los Angeles where she was busy with the preproduction work of her international project, Unveiled, to promote her next film, PNC's Ugly Aur Pagli. Given that the actress is prone to living life on her terms, she could very well be the "pagli", but ugly she certainly isn't by any stretch of imagination! Mallika, by her own admission has a fascination for oldermen and while the rest of her contemporaries go crazy vying for the two song, one dialogue parts in big films, she goes right ahead and gets her own films commisioned by production houses with the meatier parts ofcourse. In so many aspects, she doesn't conform to the quintessential Bollywood heroine and it seems to be working for the sexy actress. The ordinary just doesn't do for her & she's a plain pagli for the bystanders who witness her professional antics. And the trailers of Ugly Aur Pagli are heating up the screens as only mademoiselle can.

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